Compare SIRI Datasets to GTFS Tables

Allows the user to compare SIRI (Service Interface for Real Time Information) data sets to their GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) counterparts, a "Request_id" column us needed for the SIRI data frame in order to subset parts of it for use.

SIRItoGTFS r package

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For users unfamiliar with writing code, the only functions you will need are:

  • readGTFS - which loads tables from a folder with the prefix of "GTFS"
  • STG - which performs a test between the SIRI data you have and the GTFS tables.

see documentation for both for further instructions.


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SIRItoGTFS 0.2.4 21/05/2018

several bug fixes, now works on all platforms and adapted to changes in data.table, curently not tested for mac osx on travis due to problems on travis with preinstalling geos and gdal does work however on tested mac osx on vm.

SIRItoGTFS 0.2.3 25/02/2018

rebuild of internal finction, SIRI input can now be a table built from SIRI SM calls which only call through the last stops in each line.

SIRItoGTFS 0.2.2 05/02/2018

fixed SIRIsample dataset to include data that is actually in the subset of the GTFS tables

Reference manual

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