Access your Coletum's Data from API

Get your data (forms, structures, answers) from Coletum <> to handle and analyse.

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An R package to get data from Coletum.


To be able to use this package, first of all, you need access your Coletum's account [] from your browser to generate your authenticated token in Web service page.

If you don't have an account, SIGN UP NOW.

How to install RColetum

Install this package from CRAN:


Or install the development version from GitHUb using the 'devtools' package:


How to use RColetum

In this version of the package, there are three main functions available, Those able you to get your main data from Coletum:

Get my forms

  • GetForms this function get the list of forms in your account.
myForms <- GetForms("TOKEN_HERE")

Get form structure

  • GetFormStructure this function gets the structure from a specific form. The structure contains the specifications of each field, like the name, type, hierarchy and others.
myFormStructure <- GetFormStructure(token = "TOKEN_HERE", idForm = FORM_ID)

Get answers

  • GetAnswers this function gets the answers from a specific form. The data structure returned depends of the form structure. When the form has no field with cardinality greater than 1, the structure is a data frame. When the form has one or more fields with cardinality greater then one, the structure is a list of data frames.
myAnswers <- GetAnswers(token = "TOKEN_HERE", idForm = FORM_ID)

If you want to get the answers in a single data frame with redundant data (caused by fields with cardinality greater than 1), you should use singleDataFrame parameter as TRUE.

myAnswers <- GetAnswers(token = "TOKEN_HERE", 
                        idForm = FORM_ID, 
                        singleDataFrame = TRUE)

Full example

####@> Loading RColetum package
####@> Creating a variable to store my Coletum API Token
####@> This variable will be used in all bellow methods
myToken <- "cizio7xeohwgc8k4g4koo008kkoocwg"
####@> Getting my forms
myForms <- GetForms(myToken)
####@> Getting form structure using form id
starWarsFormStructure <- GetFormStructure(token = myToken,
                                          idForm = 5713)
####@> Getting form structure using form name
starWarsFormStructure <- GetFormStructure(token = myToken,  
                                          nameForm = "RColetum Test - Star Wars")
####@> Getting answers for a form using form id
starWarsFormAnswer <- GetAnswers(token = myToken, 
                                 idForm = 5713)
####@> Getting answers for a form using form name
####@> In this case we have X + 1 dataframes, where X is number of 
####@> N fields (fields with cardinality > 1)
starWarsFormAnswer <- GetAnswers(token = myToken, 
                                 nameForm = "RColetum Test - Star Wars")
####@> Getting answers for a form getting result as single dataframe
####@> In this case we have redundancy for N fields
starWarsFormAnswerSingleDataframe <- GetAnswers(token = myToken, 
                                                idForm = 5713, 
                                                singleDataFrame = TRUE)
myChart <- ggplot(data = starWarsFormAnswer[[1]], 
                  mapping = 
                    aes(x = name66298, 
                        y = (mass66300) / (height66299/100)^2 )) +
  geom_bar(stat = "identity", 
           fill = "black", 
           colour = "green",
           alpha = 0.8) +
  geom_label(mapping = aes(label = (mass66300) / (height66299/100)^2)) +
  labs(x = "Character", 
       y = "BMI") +
  theme_bw(base_size = 14)


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


RColetum 0.2.0

  • GetAnswers Add the filters "createdDeviceBefore" and "createdDeviceAfter" for the field createAtDevice. GetAnswers Add field createAtDevice in answer's metadata, informing the moment of creation of the answer, with device's data.
  • GetAnswers Add the filters "updatedBefore" and "updatedAfter" for the field updatedAt.
  • GetAnswers Add field userId in answer's metadata, indicating the id from the user who answered the form.

RColetum 0.1.2

  • GetAnswers Add the field UpdatedAt, according the API
  • GetAnswers Remove the functionality to choose the format in the data filters
  • Update the format to dates from createdAt and updatedAt to complete format the ISO8601
  • GetAnswers Removed the need to use the field name from getFormStructure
  • GetFormStructure Removed field name from query
  • Small adjusts in automated tests

Reference manual

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0.2.1 by André Smaniotto, a year ago

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Authors: André Smaniotto [aut, cre] , Marcelo Magnani [aut] , Rodrigo Sant'Ana [aut] , GeoSapiens [cph, fnd]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

LGPL-3 license

Imports httr, jsonlite, dplyr, stats

Suggests testthat

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