Bindings to AppArmor and Security Related Linux Tools

Bindings to kernel methods for enforcing security restrictions. AppArmor can apply mandatory access control (MAC) policies on a given task (process) via security profiles with detailed ACL definitions. In addition this package implements bindings for setting process resource limits (rlimit), uid, gid, affinity and priority. The high level R function '' builds on these methods to perform dynamic sandboxing: it evaluates a single R expression within a temporary fork which acts as a sandbox by enforcing fine grained restrictions without affecting the main R process. A portable version of this function is now available in the 'unix' package.



  • Move unix from Imports to Depends because many old examples from the paper assume that the rlimit_ functions are attached when using RAppArmor.


  • Build (mostly dummy) on MacOS so that other packages can depend on RAppArmor and use it on supported systems. Neither apparmor nor affinity works on MacOS but rlimit and priority does work.


  • The non-apparmor functions have been split out into a separate 'unix' package
  • Replace 'parallel' with the new 'sys::eval_fork()' for


  • Advertise that package can be installed on non-apparmor systems
  • Improve onAttach message on non-apparmor systems


  • Configure script automatically sets NO_APPARMOR if kernel was built without AppArmor
  • Disable unit tests for CMD check due to CRAN issues


  • Complete rewrite using .Call instead of .C interface
  • Use configure-vars='NO_APPARMOR=1' to build on Fedora / CentOS 7
  • Workaround for race condition in parallel::mccollect()


  • Add timer to for better error messages
  • Add 0.01s of pause in
  • Fix some unit tests
  • Change closeAllConnections default to FALSE


  • changed method to find in configure file to work on recent distributions.
  • adding closeAllConnections argument to


  • Remove setInteractive code. CRAN no longer allows this, and mcparallel now disables interactivity by default.
  • Move 'debian' dir from root into /tools/
  • Added JSS PDF and CITATION files
  • Bump to 1.0.0 to official release with JSS publication.


  • wrapped rlimit examples in \dontrun{} blocks.
  • wrapped setaffinity example in \dontrun() block.
  • updated and renamed vignette.


  • modified license.
  • turned JSS paper into vignette


  • minor improvement to kill child of


  • Bump version to signify release to CRAN.


  • added unittests function
  • added stuff to prevent interactivity in
  • small fixes and renames


  • added setinteractive function
  • added 'interactive' parameter to
  • more unit tests


  • Started adding unit tests
  • New internal function errno()
  • Linux error messages for all calls (based on errno.h)


  • Added .onAttach diagnostics
  • Added error messages to aa_getcon and aa_is_enabled.


  • added setaffinity, getaffinity, getaffinity_count, nproc
  • updated to support affinity
  • updated URL and OS_type fields in DESCRIPTION
  • added some references to the documentation


  • using pgid to kill potential forks
  • added verbose parameters to suppress C output
  • bugfix when the output has multiple classes

Reference manual

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3.2.2 by Jeroen Ooms, a year ago (paper), (devel)

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Authors: Jeroen Ooms [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Apache License 2.0 license

Depends on unix

Suggests testthat, R.rsp

System requirements: linux (>= 3.0), libapparmor-dev

See at CRAN