Luck-Corrected Peer Performance Analysis in R

Provides functions to perform the peer performance analysis of funds' returns as described in Ardia and Boudt (2018) .

PeerPerformance (Ardia and Boudt, 20xx) is an R package for the peer-performance evaluation of financial investments with luck-correction. In particular, it implements the peer performance ratios of Ardia and Boudt (2018) which measure the percentage of peers a focal fund outperforms and underperforms, after correction for luck. It is useful for fund or portfolio managers to benchmark their investments or screen a universe of new funds. In addition, it implements the testing framework for the Sharpe and modified Sharpe ratios, described in Ledoit and Wolf (2008) and Ardia and Boudt (2015).

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Ardia, D., Boudt, K. (2015). Testing equality of modified Sharpe ratios.
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Ardia, D., Boudt, K. (2018).
The peer performance ratios of hedge funds_.
Journal of Banking and Finance 87, pp.351-368.

Ardia, D., Boudt, K. (20xx).
PeerPerformance: Luck-corrected peer performance analysis in R.
R package.

Ledoit, O., Wolf, M. (2008).
Robust performance hypothesis testing with the Sharpe ratio.
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Changes in Version 2.2.1 (DA) o switch to parallel package o references updated

Changes in Version 2.1.4 (DA) o small fix in counting NA

Changes in Version 2.1.3 (DA) o documentation fixes

Changes in Version 2.1.2 (DA) o documentation fixes

Changes in Version 2.1.1 (DA) o documentation fixes o first CRAN release

Changes in Version 2.1.00 (DA) o New PeerPerformance documentation o compiler imported directly within function

Changes in version 2.0.11 (DA) o Examples added o Block length not exported anymore

Changes in version 2.0.10 (DA) o Roxygen documentation o testthat added o format of code

Changes in version 2.0.9 (DA) o Update CITATION and DESCRIPTION

Changes in version 2.0.8 (DA) o Small improvements with compiler o Citations updated

Changes in version 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 (DA) o Various improvements o Small fix in documentation

Changes in Version 2.0.5 (DA) o Fix in documentation for modified Sharpe testing o Small fix in pvalue computation by bootstrap (symmetric)

Changes in Version 2.0.4 (DA) o Bug fix for alpha screening when NA are in the dataset o Risk-free rate removed o Tstat used for attribution

Changes in Version 2.0.3 (DA) o Major functions contain risk-free rates (zero by default) o Documentation updated o Adjustement factor robustified

Changes in Version 2.0.2 (DA) o alphaScreening fixed o alphaScreening now encompasses hac estimation with sandwich and lmtest o citation file updated

Changes in Version 2.0.1 (DA) o new package's name o new package's number o new package's structure

Changes in Version 1-00.15 (DA) o pi+ fixed o default settings for lambda = NULL

Changes in Version 1-00.14 (DA) o fix of errors in examples

Changes in Version 1-00.13 (DA) o control parameters for lambda data driven (NULL) o documentation updated o function for optimal lambda corrected and enhanced o funcion pizero and pi corrected

Changes in Version 1-00.12 (DA) o attribution proportions corrected o computation of pi0 now accounts for NA in pvalues (in msharpe with na.rm = FALSE) o new data set (randomized data) added

Changes in Version 1-00.11 (DA) o functions for computing the standard deviation based on the delta rule are now coded outside and therefore accessible o optimal block length added for sharpe and modified sharpe with documentation

Changes in Version 1-00.10 (DA) o bootstrap p-value consistent with Barras et al. o control ttype = 1, or = 2, indicating if based on ratio or product o control ptype = 1, or = 2, indicating of pvalue based on symmetric or asymmetric version of bootstrap o several speedup

Changes in Version 1-00.09 (DA) o simplification of boostrap functions for Sharpe and modified Sharpe

Changes in Version 1-00.08 (DA) o various fixes/improvements based on codetools package's outputs

Changes in Version 1-00.07 (DA) o modified Sharpe ratio set to NA whenever the modified VaR is negative o function sharpe added o function msharpe added o other functions modified to rely on sharpe and msharpe functions o documentation modified with X instead of rdata o removed default values for subfunctions to avoid wrong defaults

Changes in Version 1-00.06 (DA) o change of data; now using the reconstructed database of HFR

Changes in Version 1-00.05 (DA) o hac estimator modified in mSharpe testing; now bounded to T

Changes in Version 1-00.04 (DA) o modified Sharpe ratio testing and screening added o documentation modified

Changes in Version 1-00.03 (DA) o circular bootstrap with user-defined block length added o boostrap relies on random integers instead of uniform numbers o documentation modified o enhancement of functions descriptions

Changes in Version 1-00.02 (DA) o hac estimator added to sharpeTesting and sharpeScreening o hac studentized bootstrap estimator added to sharpeTesting and sharpeScreening o documentation modified o package and paper presented to the R/Finance conference 2012; see

Changes in Version 1-00.01 (DA) o first release o package includes (parallel) alpha and sharpe screening algorithms

Reference manual

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Authors: David Ardia [aut, cre] , Kris Boudt [aut] , Nabil Bouamara [ctb]

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Task views: Empirical Finance

GPL (>= 2) license

Depends on parallel, sandwich, lmtest, compiler

Suggests testthat

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