Java Graphics Device

Graphics device routing all graphics commands to a Java program. The actual functionality of the JavaGD depends on the Java-side implementation. Simple AWT and Swing implementations are included.


NEWS/Changelog for JavaGD

0.6-1 2012-09-13 o clean up Windows version and remove dependency on WinRegistry

0.6-0 2012-09-12 o change raster color space to sRGB

o	add support for flush/hold

o	add support for polypaths (modified patch
by Stephan Wahlbrink)

o	add a namespace

o	fixed a leak in StrWidth callback

o	cleanup (registered entry points, .Call)

0.5-5 2011-12-10 o minor cleanups to get rid of warnings

o	add raster support

0.5-4 2011-06-21 o copies WinRegistry.dll in the build directory so it can be picked up by multi-arch installs.

0.5-3 2010-10-18 o substitute $(JAVA_HOME) when testing JNI

o	add UTF-8 conversion from native strings where
TextUTF8 is not used

o	add a work-around for Windows where the Symbol font is
handled incorrectly and cannot be used directly.

This behavior can also be overridden by the
javagd.usesymbolfont property which can be set to true/false
(the default is false on Windows and true elsewhere).

o	add support for multi-arch builds and Win64

0.5-2 2008-10-17 o adapt to changes in R-devel (2.9.0-to-be)

0.5-1 2008-04-03 o adapt to even more changes in R 2.7.0

0.5-0 2008-03-14 o adapt to changes in R 2.7.0

o	use Java configuration from R

0.4-3 2007-08-22 o adapt to changes in R 2.5.0

o	improve Windows compatibility

0.4-2 2007-05-21 o fix a memory handling bug in MetricInfo

0.4-1 2007-05-01 o minor fixes

0.4-0 2007-04-24 o use rJava to load Java classes if native version fails

o	minor memory leak fixes and cleanups

o	rename functions to avoid conflicts with JavaGD

0.3-6 2007-03-06 o Text using symbols (fontface=5) is re-coded to unicode in UTF-8 encoding before it's passed to Java. The back-end now displays symbols correctly.

0.3-5 2006-09-15

Reference manual

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0.6-4 by Simon Urbanek, a year ago

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Authors: Simon Urbanek <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Graphic Displays & Dynamic Graphics & Graphic Devices & Visualization

GPL-2 | GPL-3 license

Imports rJava, grDevices, graphics

System requirements: GNU make and Java JDK 1.2 or higher

Imported by CADStat, Crossover, gMCP, mutossGUI.

Depended on by DeducerSpatial, JGR.

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