Doughnut Plots

A simple implementation of doughnut plots - pie charts with a blank center. The package is named after Homer Simpson - arguably the best-known lover of doughnuts.

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Doughnut plots for R

v <- runif(5)
names(v) <- LETTERS[1:length(v)]
par(mfrow=c(2, 3), mar=c(0, 0, 0, 0), oma=c(0, 0, 5, 0))
PlotDoughnut(v, centre.text='Doughnut', centre.cex=1.8, labels.cex=2)
PlotDoughnut(v, centre.text='Counter-clockwise', centre.cex=1.8, labels.cex=2,
PlotDoughnut(v, centre.text=~Origin~at~90^o, centre.cex=1.8, labels.cex=2,
PlotDoughnut(v, centre.text='Half nut', centre.cex=1.8, labels.cex=2, to.degrees=180,
PlotDoughnut(v, centre.text='Side nut', centre.cex=1.8, labels.cex=2, to.degrees=180,
PlotDoughnut(v, centre.text='Taken a bite', centre.cex=1.8, labels.cex=2,
             to.degrees=270, origin=-45, clockwise=FALSE)
title(main='You doughnut', outer=TRUE, cex.main=3)

Example doughnut plot


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0.1-3 by Lawrence Hudson, 5 years ago

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