Logging Events in Shiny Apps

Logging framework dedicated for complex shiny apps. Different types of events can be logged (value of a variable, multi-line output of a function, result of a unit test, custom error, warning, or diagnostic message). Each event can be logged with a list of parameters that are event-specific, common for events within the same scope, session-specific, or app-wide. Logging can be done simultaneously to R console, browser JavaScript console, a file log, and a database (MongoDB). Log data can be further analyzed with the help of process-mining techniques from 'bupaR' package.


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by Kamil Wais



Installing version in development from GitHub

# install.packages('devtools')

Demo Apps

Simple app logging different events to R console, browser JavaScript console and to a file.


Dashboard that allows for interactive analysis of events from demo app.


Hello World

  ui = fluidPage(log_init()),
  server = function(input, output) {
    log_event("Hello World")

Executing the code above you should see in the console something like this:

|#1|EVENT|Hello World|FIRED|

Demo Shiny Apps

  • DemoApp -- demo shiny app logging different types of events.
  • DashboardApp -- demo dashboard showing examples how logged events from the DemoApp can be analyzed


Package docs (pkgdown): https://kalimu.github.io/shinyEventLogger/index.html

Project description (on homepage): https://kalimu.github.io/project/shinyeventlogger/

For other logging packages see: https://github.com/daroczig/logger


shinyEventLogger 0.1.1

Minor changes:

  • improved examples in Rd files
  • updated links in Readme and added links to demo apps

shinyEventLogger 0.1.0

  • preparing for first CRAN release ver. 0.1.0

Major changes:

  • logging to R console, browser JavaScript console, a file, and mongoDB
  • logging different types of events with different sets of parameters
  • timing multiple hierarchical events
  • shiny demo app for logging events
  • shiny demo dashboard for analyzing events from the demo app
  • introductory vignette

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.